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#hellaskingirlsunited #propersteadyoriginals #skingirls #skinheadgirls #skinheadreggae #skinheadrocksteady


#hellaskingirlsunited #propersteadyoriginals #skingirls #skinheadgirls #skinheadreggae #skinheadrocksteady

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Anatomically correct, Aitch

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Jim Jarmusch & Tom Waits, New York, 1985, Deborah Feingold 


Jim Jarmusch & Tom WaitsNew York, 1985, Deborah Feingold 

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Photo 31 Jul 2 notes The evilest thing I can imagine.

The evilest thing I can imagine.

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Photo 31 Jul 1 note Even she can see why.

Even she can see why.

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No explanation needed.


No explanation needed.

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Dance Skinhead Girl, Dance.Underneath The Underground.July 19th. 2014Kef Photography©


Dance Skinhead Girl, Dance.
Underneath The Underground.
July 19th. 2014
Kef Photography©

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just FYI for anyone coming into the skinhead culture and considers themselves a s.h.a.r.p., white laces and red braces are a white supremacist/racist skinhead trend. you gotta be cautious about these kinda things. fuck racism.

wtf are you talking about ……

Bullshit. White laces and red braces don’t mean jack, kid.

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Photo 31 Jul Self Control is strong in this one.

Self Control is strong in this one.

Photo 31 Jul Fixed that for you…

Fixed that for you…

Photo 31 Jul Hodor gets it.

Hodor gets it.

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